Introducing the Spring/Summer 2016 Collection (Part 1)

Hello from the Design Team. We're super excited to have kicked off our blog and to share what we've been up to. We've been working on some fabulous new designs that we officially unveiled today! 

socialcirclecards social networking cards unique business cards

Are you new here? So what exactly are socialcirclecards you say? socialcirclecards are social networking cards for the 21st century. They're kinda like unique business cards- but for all your social media info instead--- and you don't need a business.

Have no fear- a pen doesn't need to be near. You can share your social media info without writing down that 40 character long handle for the friend you just met. Just slip them a card and make a fashionable first impression.

girly business card round business cards socialcirclecards

The spring/summer 2016 collection was a blast to create. We searched pinterest high and low for the latest fashions and trends and came up with a diverse collection filled with bold florals, edgy contrast and colorful designs. Read on to learn how we selected our favorites.

Meet Ariel: 

socialcirclecards unique business cards spring collection 2016

Sweet Tropicana! Ariel was inspired by the flirty summer tropical prints that we're seeing take over everywhere :) If its topical, its trending! That's why she's a part of our trendy collection.

Another tropical newbie: Meet Sandra:

socialcirclecards girly business cards 2016 spring collection

When we create, we sketch a ton of different colors and layouts...and sometime we love more than one! Sandra's design came to be when we "just couldn't decide" between some great design sketches... so now we have two tropical favorites, Ariel and Sandra. Since bright tropical patterns are such a hit, we knew Sandra would be too. Say hello to Sandra.

Next up, meet Sydney:

socialcirclecards round business cards sprint collection 2016

Sydney is a fun design inspired by nature. Rustic yet soft with a beautiful color palette, cactus & succulents seem to be taking over the plant lover world, so it seemed fitting that they take over a socialcirclecards design too.

Next week we'll introduce a few more gals from our spring/summer collection, until then.

socialcirclecards girly business cards social media cards


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