Top 10 nail tips for doing your nails at home (that you never knew about!)

Hello Ladies! It’s no secret that "us" ladies love to do our nails. Have you ever tried to paint them yourself? Well we have a secret...even our graphic designers & artists dread getting them... just right. So what's a girl to do? We've compiled the top 10 nail tips for doing your nails at home to help get your nails, nail salon perfect!


1. Growth and Maintenance:

Photos: Freebie Finding Mom & One Good Thing

Are your nails still recovering from the rough winter weather? Be sure to use cuticle oil or butter to moisturize and heal your nails while giving them a beautiful shine. Both of these options are perfect for a fresh mani look! Check out these blogs to learn how you can make your very own oil or butter at home so it can last you all year on a budget!


2. Finding the Perfect Color!

Photos: Pinned by Kabrina W & Beauty Geeks

It’s no secret what this years color is, it’s all over Pinterest! Rose Quartz and Serenity have certainly taken over. Why not pick the perfect color with this years colors! The soft pantone colors go perfectly with almost any outfit or style and you are guaranteed compliments! We love them so much that we even designed a card after it! Super cute! :)


  • 3. Finding Inspo!

  • Photos: Fab Fashion Fix & The Chic Street Journal

    For our designers, they are constantly looking for inspiration even if they aren’t even looking for it. The best way to pick out your next look is to create a board on Pinterest. Here you can save all of your ideas when you are scrolling through your feed on Pinterest! The best part is that you can even share your ideas with your friends and get some advice! One of our designers just recently even started her own board and is adding more everyday.


    4. Application / Painting:

  • Photo: Eye Heart Polish

    So what is the best way to apply nail polish? We found a “how to” that explains what the best brush strokes are to get full coverage. Along with this ‘how to’ make sure to apply nail polish in three thin coats instead of one or two thicker coats. This will allow your nail polish to last longer and for the polish to dry faster as well as getting a better color payoff.


    5. Nail Art:

    Photos: Fashion Enzyme & The Daily Varnish

    Some of hottest nail trends are so detailed and require such a small tool. Instead of spending money on a simple gizmo you can easily make it in 2 seconds with your everyday household items. All you need to do is simply push a pin into a pencil eraser for a larger brush or a toothpick for a thinner brush.


    6. Extend the Life of your Nail Polish:

    Photo: Cosmopolitan

    Fun Fact: Never shake your nail polish bottle! Instead roll your bottle in your hands back and forth to mix the color to prevent air bubbles.This will extend the life of your nail polish and prevent a lot of thick leftover nail polish in the bottom of the bottle.


    7. Cleaning Up the Edges:

    Photo: xoVain

    Our designers are perfectionists and even a little bit of nail polish on our cuticles will drive us crazy! To remove the excess polish on your skin simply dip an angled eyeshadow brush or lip brush into some nail polish remover and carefully swipe it away! Using a simple makeup tool can make this an easy fix in seconds.


    8. Keep your Mani Lasting Longer:

    Photo: Brit + Co & Revlon

    Did you know that if you finish up your design with a quick drying top coat it will not only dry faster but it will keep your nails from smudging also? Also don’t forget to apply an extra coat to your tips to prevent cracking and chipping! It’s the best of both worlds!!


    9. Drying:

    Photo: Parody Centrum

    After spending so much time on your design, now it's the waiting game. Who wants to wait an hour until their nails are completely dry? If you are on the go and need a quick solution, simply dip your freshly polished fingers in ice water to get your polish dry in a flash! P.S. - We recommend prepping the water before polishing your nails to avoid any damages!


    10. Taking The Polish Off:

    Last but not least, every girl loves to have her nails done but dread taking it off. You might be scrubbing it for a while before you see anything removed. The best way to get all the polish off is by soaking  your cotton ball / pad in remover and then holding it on your nail for a few seconds before rubbing it off. This not only removes all the nail polish but it also won’t ruin your cuticles by rubbing too hard on them.

    There were so many tips that we are breaking this post into a two part series! Tune in to Part 2 for 10 more tips!

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