5 Back to School Fashion Must-Haves

The start of a new school year is the perfect opportunity to reinvent your style and show off a whole new side. We scored the internet and came up with 5 fashion must haves that show just how #fashionaballyfearless you can be! Being fashionably fearless means being proud of your style and who you are. So read on, an be inspired with 5 fashion must-haves for the fashionista in you!

1. Comfy Cotton Dresses - Dress them up or down for two great looks.

A comfy dress is a great outfit for back to school. Check out our pinterest board for some great options. Just throw on your favorite cotton dress and you're all set! Paired with the perfect accessories it can be both casual or dressy. It's the easiest outfit choice and great for the busy student that you are!

2. Boots! (because you can never have too many shoe options)

Boots are perfect to pair with jeans, dresses, or skirts. A small heel is best for the student on the go. They can make any outfit edgy and hip in seconds! There are a wide variety of styles and lengths so you're sure to find just the right pair for you. Here are some of our fav's trendy , comfortable , wow.

3. Jeans - with so many options, for so many occasions.

Either ripped, colored, or patterned, jeans are a great versatile add. Jeans can be paired effortlessly with boots, sneakers, or flats. Whatever footwear you wear with your jeans will allow you to change it up for a different look. Whether skinny, flare or boot cut or high or low rise, find your most flattering fit with this cool infographic our team found on pinterest.

4. Backpacks - specifically a purse and bag all in one!

Backpacks are perfect for both school supplies and personal day to day items. Great for class and a night in the town! Attach your socialcirclecard to your backpack to add some more originality to your style. We used Stacy's card with this edgy and trendy bag, which definitely compliment each other!  The bag we used was a Forever21 find! Love it? See it here

5. Plaid, Plaid, and More Plaid -- a comfortable and stylish fashion must-have.

Plaid is great for back to school. Wear a tank underneath with jeans and a scarf and you have the perfect outfit. Plaid is great for entering the fall season. Plaid is great because you can wear it so many ways. Wear it opened or closed, tied or whatever you feel comfortable, it's your style! Looking for som Plaid-spiration? (yes, we just said that). We love this shirt from Charlotte Russe. (And this one from Windsor)



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