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Hi again! In this blog post, we’ll showcase a few of our most innovative and creative business card designs sure to make you’re remembered by everyone you meet. 

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Choosing a new business card for your personal brand or business is a bit like being an artist with a blank canvas - there are so many creative business card designs out there and so many directions you can go in, and you want to make sure your final product reflects your own style. As with any painting, you also want it to be creative and stand out from everyone else’s. Here are just two of our many creative business card ideas:

Creative business card ideas for designers and artistic professionals:

1. Serena

Let’s start with a card for one of the most creative fields there is - graphic design! Serena is a creative business card design inspired by old-school typography. It features a playful jumbled letter pattern in an ink tone color palette. Your own logo can also be used on the back for an added aspect of personalization. Either way, Serena is a card guaranteed to inspire. Speaking of inspiration, curated design websites are an excellent place to get those creative juices flowing.

Creative Business Card

Creative business card ideas for bakers and confectioners: 

2. Vicki 

Vicki’s design looks good enough to eat! This card, with its pink pinstripe pattern and adorable use of photography on the back, is a creative business card design, perfect for bakers and makers of other treats. Add your own logo for that extra sweet touch! If you’re feeling hungry already, check out our other bakery-themed designs, including Marie, Laurie and Angie!

 Creative Business Card

Creative business card ideas for hairstylists and other beauty professionals:

3. Yolanda

Looking for a creative business card design with some sophisticated glam? Yolanda’s design features an elegant gold leaf design with bold maroon accents. It’s a beautiful card well-suited for hairstylists, makeup artists and other beauty professionals. With the patterned back or a logo of your own, its sure to stand out. Looking for more inspiration? Visit this beauty blog and let your imagination run wild! 


Creative Business Card

Looking for more creative business card designs? Be sure to check out the rest of our site! New cards are being added every day—you’re sure to find the one that strikes your fancy.

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