Introducing the Spring/Summer 2016 Collection (Part 2)

Hello Again! In our last post (Spring/Summer Collection Part 1) we talked about Part 1 from our Spring/Summer Collection.... and here are some more cards from our latest line! Hope you enjoy these fun cards :)

socialcirclecards social networking cards unique business cards

Are you new here? So what exactly are socialcirclecards you say? socialcirclecards are social networking cards for the 21st century. They're kinda like unique business cards- but for all your social media info instead--- and you don't need a business.

Have no fear- a pen doesn't need to be near. You can share your social media info without writing down that 40 character long handle for the friend you just met. Just slip them a card and make a fashionable first impression.

The spring/summer 2016 collection was really fun to create. We searched pinterest for the latest fashions and trends. We wanted to have a diverse collection filled with bold florals, edgy contrast and colorful designs. Read more to learn how we selected our favorite card designs.

Meet Stacy: 

Stacy is leather obsessed edgy girl. She is inspired by geometric shapes and loves dark elements with a pop of color to show off her wild side. Her style is trendy and unique at the same time. This is why this risk taker is part of our edgy collection.

Another edgy newbie: Meet Jennica:

When we create a new card, we do multiple sketches with different variations of colors and layouts! Jennica's design was inspired by Betsey Johnson's unique style! The design is both edgy and girly, which makes this design both fashionable and edgy!

Thirdly, meet Cameron:

Cameron is inspired by bold, graphic 80's patterns as well as Pantone's 2016 Colors of the Year, Rose Quartz and Serenity. The two colors are classic examples of 80's pastels so I wanted to combine them with a retro pattern to create something trendy while still a throwback!


socialcirclecards girly business cards social media cards


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