Top 5 Ways to Kickstart your New Business

Ever wondered how to kickstart your business? Are you looking for ways to make your company stand out and create more traffic? If so, then check out these top 5 ways to kickstart your new business. Here's hoping they work for you just as well as they worked for our business! :)

1. Strategy:

Before you choose your web site template or logo colors, it's important to sit down and define what you are trying to achieve and what your company goals are. Don’t ‘copy and paste’ another company’s values and make it your own. Always consider yourself as the client of your company and ask yourself how do I want to be treated during the order process. Figuring out these core values now will only make your company even better in the future. Check out our Pinterest board for some inspiration!

2. Start a Blog:

This is a critical element for any entrepreneur wishing to start a small business online and it is imperative you do this asap! Why? Each blog you write will only develop more and more links to your website. Here it allows you to tell your potential client a little bit more about the product or to discuss trending topics and how your product can be used. Here is an example of one of our blog posts and how they can be used with Sorority Networking.

3. Make a great first impression:

One of the easiest ways to kickstart your business is with an eye catching business card. Instead of following the crowd and going for a rectangle business card choose a card that your clients will want! Socialcirclecards scallop shaped cards are the perfect option for almost any business! Our designers can add in your logo and color match your cards with the exact colors. If you see a design that doesn’t fit your business, we can design a completely one of a kind custom card just for you! It even comes with a matching case with your logo! Super cute! :)

4. Everyone Loves a Sale:

Even the slightest of discounts can have a customer take notice and make a purchase on the spot! Be sure to always use words that create urgency like “limited time offer” and “today only“ in your promotional signage and marketing materials. This will create more traffic for your site and allow your clients to linger. Promotions are also the best way for the word to spread with potential customer’s family and friends!

5. ‘Shoot for the Stars and Accept Freedom for Now’:

Everyone wants to be the next Apple or Starbucks, but most people have a day job while trying to figure out how to accomplish this dream. Your immediate goal should be to build a business that you can give it your ‘full time’ attention to. This means making sure the business is making enough money to fulfill your income and has room for future hiring needs. Keep the dreaming in your sleep and stay focused with your practical goals when you're awake.

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