Top 8 Ideas for Sorority Networking

Whether you are handing out flyers, finding Pinterest inspo, or even just handing out business cards, we have your sorority covered so you are guaranteed to stand out from the pack and get even more followers! Here are a list of the top 8 ideas for sorority networking:


1. Open up a Social Media Account:

Show off your sororities pride by creating an account! It’s the perfect way to show off all of the different types of things your sorority does, from school events, philanthropy, to girls just hanging out with each other, it’s a great way to keep in touch and post all of those cute pictures! Check out this Tumblr page and Instagram page for inspiration!

Photo Cred: The Ladies of Oak Lane

2. Good Old Flyers:

Need more followers on your social media account? Create flyers for your sororities upcoming events and include your social media handles. You can simply hang them up everywhere or pass them out around campus. Depending on the university, you can even book a table on campus and have your sorority decorate the table with their colors as well as handing out these flyers. It's a great way to get word out about either just the sorority or an event that is coming up. Check out this page we found to get you started on some table designs!

3. Social Media Cards:

Instead of using old fashioned and boring business card for your sorority, our socialcirclecards are the perfect option for handing out at recruitment as well as getting girls to join your sorority! These little cuties will have your sorority stand out from the pack and make a fashionable first impression that every girl will want to join! These cards can have all of your sororities social media content on there as well as your name and number in order to help get a better sense of what you do and join. The girls in your sorority can also bring them to other events around campus, to not only get word out about their sorority but to help out other organizations around campus with their events as well!

4. Private Facebook Group:

After college it's tough keeping in touch with your sisters. By creating a private group, this will keep all of the past and new members all together. Here, you can connect, view if anyone’s company is hiring, set-up part time babysitting jobs, stay in the know if there is an upcoming event on campus. By keeping the connection with your sisters open after college, you can learn about what their past ideas were about networking and any tips and tricks they may have to add more followers.

5. Joining Clubs:

Sororities love to get involved and spread the word. Depending on the university, it may even be a requirement to join a club to be a part of the sorority as well as completing a certain amount of philanthropy hours every semester. Either way these are great ways to show the community that your sorority like to get involved and it's the perfect way to spread word by using your cards or flyers.

6. Connect with past Sorority Alumni:

Although the private facebook group is great way to keep in touch online, there is nothing better than receiving a card or connecting in a more personal way. This ensures your chapter makes an effort to support alums through all of their monumental life events. When they get married, send a card or small gift. When they have a baby, make a ‘onesie’ that says “Future (Sorority Name)” for a girl or “Future (Sorority Name) Husband” for a baby boy. You can even gift this Christmas ornament with your very own photo, custom colors and you can even add on names and a date! Letting them know you appreciate them, reminds your alums of how strong your sisterhood is. Pledging a sorority is not only for college rather for life.

7. Hashtags:

The best way to get more followers on all of your social media channels are using popular hashtags that are trending now! By doing this, you are guaranteed to spread the word even faster around campus and have people join your events! You can even tag on popular fashion brands that you use in your photo to get followers from those ‘brand lovers’ also!

8. Pinterest Inspo:

Need cute ideas for your next event or even just ideas on how to design your flyers? Pinterest is the best way to get ‘on trend’ inspiration! You can even take photos of your design and post it on all channels of social media (don't forget the tags) to get more followers too! Take a look at some of these ideas for your next design!

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