5 Unique Ways to Prep / Network at Blogger Events

Blogger events can be super exciting, and super intimidating, all at the same time. From prepping for the event to how to follow up after, we've got you covered!. We’ve listed 5 unique ways to help you make a fashionable first impression.

Check out the guest list & stalk on social media:

Look into who’s going or if there’s a Facebook group or Twitter list for the event. Doing some research on the guest list will give you an insight with who will be there and find out if there’s anyone you really want to connect with. The night before or the morning of the event, check out their Instagram or Twitter feed where you can see what they are wearing, what their faces look like, and you can even leave them a comment saying that you are looking forward to seeing them later in the day.

Have your elevator speech ready and be ready with questions before it gets awkward:

An elevator speech should only be a quick 2-3 quick sentence or your blog and you. It’s a quick and fun way to introduce who you are. It’s important to keep it short but fun to make it memorable. When the conversation gets awkward be prepared with a few simple questions. It’s okay to not know every single blogger and be familiar with every single blog. There’s a lot of them out there! People love it when you show interest in their blogs, they’re not going to be offended that you don’t know who they are.

Here’s my card:

Everyone’s meeting so many people so it can be hard to keep track of what face belonged to what blog. socialcirclecards will help you make a fashionable first impression with a unique shape and accessible case that’s always clipped at your side. Their fun, trendy, and certainly a conversation starter. Just hand one out and instantly you’ll see how they make people light up with comments about how cool and unique they are. They’re something to instantly connect about. Here are some examples that would work perfectly for any blog. We can even add in your blog's logo! (and don’t forget we even create completely custom designs!)

Put Down your Phone and Don’t Forget to Smile & Breathe:

We know it can be nerve wracking when when it comes to talking to people. Take a deep breath before walking in and know that a smile will make everything better! You can also calm your nerves by instagramming and sharing what’s happening at the event. Blogging events are one of the few places where you are encouraged to use your phone as much as possible but be mindful and put your phone down when talking to anyone at the event.

Follow-up! Follow-up! Follow-up!

You met at this event, so now what do you do? Keep that connection going by reading and commenting on their blog as well as sharing their content on your social media channels. Tweet them or email and leave a little reminder and don’t forget to give them the info you promised, or even reach out with an idea or feedback. You never know what it could lead to!

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