About Us

Fashion obsession + Passion for design = socialcirclecards

about socialcirclecards

socialcirclecards are networking cards for the 21st century. We coined the term "social networking cards" because that is exactly what they are; cards made especially for social networking. socialcirclecards contain all of your networking info like your name, cell, email, and even your facebook or instagram info. Their fun shape makes them more inviting than the traditional "business card" and make them easier to hand out casually. Although the cards are great, the case it even more fun. It's practical and stylish and keeps your cards at your side. It has a convenient clip which clips to your purse, or just about anywhere else. socialcirclecards help you make a fashionable first impression.

about our team

At socialcirclecards we're all about fashion. Some of us crave shoes, while others must have their signature sunglasses or bag and some of us have so many accessories we couldn't possibly wear them all in a year. From tiny details like earrings to the bigger details like shirts or dresses with bold patterns or friendly florals, there is always room for each team member's personality to peek through.

We're a group of head to toe fashion gurus mixed with a bunch of trendy whatever's-still-hanging-in-our-closet-that-morning gurus, we each have an individual style all of our own- and that's why we love socialcirclecards. Like us, each card reflects a different style.

Three things that we eat, sleep breathe at socialcirclecards: 

  • Be true to yourself, be yourself.
  • It's ok to be an individual, or an original.
  • Respect others & they'll respect you too.