Multiple Product Purchases

Our system will automatically send you the customization form associated with the first item that you purchased. When you receive your "Get started, customize now" follow the link and enter the customization information for your first product. An Order Guru will follow up with you via email and send you the other customization form for the rest of your products when they process your order, usually the next business day. 

Purchased multiple of the exact same product but want different customizations on each?

Click the link and fill out the form for the first set. Then, simply return to the email, click the link again, and use the same customization code to fill out the form again for the next set. PS If you've ordered two different designs, don't forget to mention which customizations go with which design. 

Purchased multiple of the exact same product and want the same customizations on each?

When filling out your form, you can simply include a note saying "I would like the same customizations for each".