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video- WFSB News Channel 3 "The hassle-free way to give out information
Our friend Amanda Naqvi of Paperramma is telling us about Social Circle Cards, a new and stylish way to exchange information.  Click the link on the video to order yours! Watch the video.


Shout out about the new way to network by Ms. Career Girl
You'd have to be asleep to have missed how much the way people interact has changed drastically since the turn of the millennium.  The rules, and the objectives, have evolved around new rules and concepts.  Every aspect of how you communicate is critical, because we live in a very short attention span world.  So, if you're still carrying that little rectangular business card, you may want to consider today's hippest option. read more

Stylish way to keep your social circles together by Kelly's Thoughts on things
socialcirclecards are going to be the next best thing in no time at all. Although of course you are asking yourself, “exactly what are socialcirclecards?” Well, I’m glad that question is roaming throughout your thoughts! SocialCircleCards are the new networking cards of the 21st century. The reason they have the term ” social networking cards” is because that is literally what they are. read more


socialcirclecrad press feature on haute 2 wear
Modern Fashion Accessories for Women

Accessories play a very important role in the daily lives of women, fashion-wise. Not only do they make you stand out; they also make you feel a lot better about yourself. Stylists suggest that a fourth of your wardrobe budget should go towards fashion accessories. Why? Accessories actually help you save up on cash because you don’t need to purchase new clothes every now and then. read more

socialcirclecards review

Prepare to meet one of my new favorite things, from both a self-employed hustler’s perspective and a design nerd’s perspective. Each one of my personalities approves of this adorable and most importantly memorable networking tool called Social Circle Cards.. read more

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Obsessed with my new @socialcirclecards Maybe it's the tasseled compact they come in or because they match my nails! ??

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What's in my bag? My new @socialcirclecards business cards ✖️

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About socialcirclecards:

socialcirclecards are networking cards for the 21st century. We coined the term "social networking cards" because that is exactly what they are; cards made especially for social networking. socialcirclecards contain all of your networking info like your name, cell, email, and even your facebook or instagram info. Their fun shape makes them more inviting than the traditional "business card" and make them easier to hand out casually. Although the cards are great, the case it even more fun. It's practical and stylish and keeps your cards at your side. It has a convenient clip which clips to your purse, or just about anywhere else. socialcirclecards help you make a fashionable first impression. 


About Amanda Naqvi, Our Founder:

Greatness is in the power of the details, the little things in life that matter most. In design, that translates to a drive for cohesiveness- in the curve of a line, the way a typeface makes you feel and the intentional mix of colors used to bring a design to life and give it emotion.

In life, those same details make up who we are:

Hi, I'm Amanda :) My shop was inspired by a love of design. I could spend hours perfecting a design to make it just right. When a friend introduced me to etsy- it was love at first sight, and its really been a "happily ever after" ever since. I love the personal touch that etsy offers- I love how I can get to know my clients, interact and relate to them. My fashion loves are sunglasses, accent jewelry, & shoes, shoes, shoes. My favorite clothes designer is currently Karen Millen. I live for contrast & love the color black paired w/ a bright shade. I'm a mommy of 3 & designer :)

So, just who is that girl behind the computer screen? My friends will tell you I’m down to earth, caring and creative. My little ones will tell you that I am the best mommy in the whole word (and who am I to argue?). I am a mom first and a graphic designer second. Some call me “modern day Martha” because I like to do any and all things creative. I have the unique talent of picking anything up and being pretty good at it; but am not afraid to work hard at it to get it just right. Yes, you read between the lines; I am a perfectionist too. Sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes it’s a challenge.

I was born an entrepreneur. At the age of 18 I opened my first “official” business (all lemonade stands, shoveling snow business’ and bracelets at recess aside). By 23, I married the ‘boy’ I went to prom with, opened my second business; a national franchise. At 25, I had my first little one. Then at 26 & ½ had my second (yes just 18 months apart!). At 29, I had my third child, and then turned 30! Presently, I own a Design Firm and am a busy mom of three little ones.

So what do I want to do by 40? I want to vacation in the Cayman Islands (the best place on earth) and buy my $1,000,000 catamaran that I can sail wherever I want (guess I should learn to sail....Oh, yea, my friends will also tell you I am ambitious too ;) Most importantly, I want to teach my children that they can accomplish anything that they put their minds to. PaperRamma has been my dream come true.